Spot the Dog ..............

 ...........  actually it's Whisper the Dog but I couldn't resist the old joke!!!
> groan <

White dog in white snow ...... he's not a massive fan, to be honest.

A combination WhisperWednesday and a "Happy 100th Blipday to WildWed" with mahoosive thanks to Cailleach for starting WildWed off.

With huge thanks to DoingOK I have also tagged this (belatedly) for Markus Hediger's Experimental Photography Challenge (EP16)  " Blending In " - a lucky happenstance!!

Looking out of the window I'm very tempted to drive to the airport today and stay in a hotel overnight rather than leaving it until tomorrow - the roads look awful.
This could be my last blip for a couple of days but I WILL backblip

FlowerFriday this week will be FF2_2018   or   FlowerFriday2_2018  please.

~ Anni ~

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