Tiny .....

 ........... Tuesday92  (TT92)  -  the last in February and wonderfully hosted all month by wrperry - thanks, Wendy.

Despite the fact that my lovely Mum died back in June 2015 I still have unpacked boxes and some small pieces of furniture in the garage - I'm finding it difficult/emotional to unpack them so try to do one now and again and then stop if it all feels a bit overwhelming. 
In a box I unpacked yesterday I found this little, cross-eyed monkey head - I suspect it's a "pencil topper" (hence the pencil in the photo to show size and it does fit quite snugly on the end) - it's ceramic, no markings except the number 4 stamped lightly on the back.  It looks handpainted and I wouldn't be surprised if it was possibly German ....... I now wish I had asked my Mum about all the little bits and pieces that she kept when she sold her antique shop.    If you have any opinions, ideas or knowledge I would be very grateful. 
I will be keeping him as I think he's very quirky and cute.

UPDATE:  Having had a bit (?? two hours!!) of a look through internet sources this monkey could possibly be what is called a "Fairing" - dating from the early 1900s, made in Germany (my guess was correct) and given out as fairground prizes.  I have found a couple online but they are complete monkeys (one with a spinning head no less) not just the head.  I can tell mine is not broken so it was obviously made this way.  They have the same crossed eyes, colours and fez.

We have some blue sky today ..... yay!!

~ Anni ~

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