Whisper ........

 ............ Wednesday .... a combination shot with the lovely Cailleach's Wild Wednesday48  (WW48).

In the sunshine, in the garden ....... keep your eye on the ball knobbly, blue, weird, squeaky thing, Whisper!!
As I've said before, this dog has the attention span of an adolescent flea - seven throws, six retrieves and then he ran straight into the house covering the floors with mud - although it's sunny, it's soggy underfoot!

A louder Whisper ..

A "mission at midnight" tonight - let's hope there's no repeat of last week and I don't have to whizz (??) through central London at teatime coming home tomorrow!

Thank you for your comments and stars on my cross-eyed monkey yesterday - much appreciated.

Reminder:   There will be a "twist" (it being the first Friday of the month) ........... so for  FlowerFriday3  the 'twist' will be ........  Mad March Hare ......(explanation) ........  you don't have to use all the words - any one of the three will do ....... hopefully that provides a bit of scope for inventiveness.
If, of course, you manage to capture a March hare running madly across a field with a flower tucked behind his ear or between his teeth that would be fabulous!!!

As always, regular flowers are wonderful as well.
Looking forward to your entries ......... have fun.

~ Anni ~

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