Where's BikerBear .......

  ................. Now??  (on a "mission")

What a day!  
Basics:  400+ miles driven, two flights.
House out to house in:  22.5 hours.

Flight out from Gatwick delayed two and a quarter hours - computer failure.
Flight home delayed one hour - just delayed, no reason given (but had it been on time I would have missed it due to the delay on the way out!!  Small mercies).
Dartford Crossing closed, then opened with restricted traffic - for those that don't know, it's the way over the River Thames from south to north and vice versa - usually fairly slow but if anything at all happens a total nightmare.
I opted for the "long way round" - to find the M25 blocked approaching Heathrow airport.
Had to drive into and through central London - at 17.30 hrs - definitely not recommended.  (I did see Harrods all lit up and went round Marble Arch twice which was nice!!)
Into north London up the Edgware Rd and Kilburn High Road - nose-to-tail crawling and stationary traffic.
Car's satnav then informs me that the M1 north and the A1 north are both blocked - directs me (extremely well, it must be said) along country lanes parallel with aforementioned A1 (I could see the traffic at a standstill) before spitting me out above all the congestion!
Clear the rest of the way home.
A journey that takes, in the middle of the night, less than three hours took me five and three quarters and dropped my fuel consumption by 10 miles to the gallon!!!
Despite all that I still get paid the same .......... booooooooooo!! (but at least it was work and not pleasure which would  have been VERY cross-making).

I love my job!!!  (really, I do).

~ Anni ~

Backblipped Friday 24th February 2017

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