Flower ........

 .......... Friday23_2108  (FF23_2018)

Bit of a stretch but there are flowers!!!

Yet another "gift from Mum" from many years ago - this measures about 4" (10cms) in diameter and is the top from a small glass bowl that contains pot pourri ...... I love it.

I'm looking forward to all your contributions to this week's FF and will, hopefully, be a bit quicker off the mark with the sprinkling of BB Hearts and HMs.

Next Friday I will be " elsewhere " so that will be the start of a ''WBBN silly quizzy thing'' ..... there will be variety I think and I will try to keep up with FlowerFriday while travelling altho' the Hearts and HMs may have to wait until I am back in the UK ............ 

For those interested the strange object on Monday was a potato masher! 
Yesterday SpikerBear and I flew to Italy and back in a day - and Skeena guessed my hotel from just the sunset photo - whatta guy!!!!

He (SpikerBear not Skeena - lol) will be featuring in the WBBN photos too - not all of them but some.
Spike will be a well-travelled little bear when he gets back and will be catching his breath before we head off again in mid-April.  :o))
He thanks you for all your lovely comments - and so do I.

~ Anni ~

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