Where's BikerBear .......

 ................. Now?  (WBBN?)

Well, yes, up in a plane looking down - but on where??
If you are viewing on a larger screen you may be able to make out a wonderful road running almost parallel with the coastline - does that help??

Not the very best of photos - the window was not particularly clean and I had problems with reflections - but not bad for a point and shoot!!

For those who have not yet done their  FlowerFriday3  photo (UK, US and Canada most likely) - the "twist" today is   MAD MARCH HARE   
You don't have to use all the words (in fact you don't have to use any as it's all just for fun) but if you can incorporate any of them into your entry please do ....... my extra heart will go to the one that makes me laugh, go wow, the most inventive or just the one that catches my eye at the time.

As I mentioned before, if you manage to capture a hare bounding madly across a field with a flower between his teeth or behind his ear ...... perfect!!!!   :o))

~ Anni ~

Oh and for those that followed my crazy mission last Thursday - this week I walked back in the house at a more respectable 19.00 hrs ....... only a 19 hour day!  lol

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