Where's BikerBear ..........

 ........... Now?  (WBBN) .......... and FlowerFriday2_2018 (FF2_2018).

2/26 .......

Like last week, it's not a real flower but there are flowers all the same.

A wall very close to the hotel that caught my eye ...... maybe it will give you a bit more of an idea where I am - or maybe not.  :o))

In the extras is a beautiful wild bird that whooshed past me and landed in a tree some distance away ...... not the crispest of shots but my lens was on full extension and he wasn't that close.
I actually (and unusually) know what type of bird it is but will leave you to work that out and try to get yet another clue as to my location.

Spike says thank you for all the love yesterday - and so do I.

~ Anni ~

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