Where did the time go?

So we've reached the end of February, which is sixty per cent of our time here already elapsed. Just where did the time go?

Still struggling with a cold and a cough, which means that as with other days this week work has been slow and a struggle. I've also allowed myself to be distracted by the fact that the UK continues to produce far more news than it can domestically consumer. USS strike. Brexit. Toys R Us goes bust. Now snow. Well, that isn't really news, is it, but all the news outlets seem to treat it as such.

Here we continue to be blessed by bright and bitterly cold weather. I managed a few minutes on the cross trainer before Pilates today, confiring that I am gradually on the mend, although there is some way to go yet. After that, we walked down to the shore and across to Regatta, but it was epically, bitterly cold out there. Well down to the mid -20s, I would say, taking into account the fair amount of wind chill today. I think we might have reached peak freeze today, or tomorrow morning, and the temperature should gradually rise. But we have some visitors at the end of next week, and I must say I didn't expect to be welcoming them to a frigid Helsinki.

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