By ArcLight

Things you see on the ice

A person on a bike, with a tag along, going past the front of the rowing regatta stand. Pretty funky to my eye.

I stayed home today. I'm still suffering from a chesty cough and didn't really feel like facing the world. I made slow and steady progress on my current writing task until just before sunset when Mr A and I had a bit of a walk. This time of year, with the sun shining, it does make a fair bit of difference. With the sun it's probably well into the 'mere' single figure minus degrees. Out of the sun, and overnight, it's well into double digits. That will continue for a few days until we get to a stage, some time next week, when it will be *just* regular single digit minus degrees. In about a fortnight, it might start to rise above zero.

Meanwhile, the sunshine is life sustaining.

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