Shapes of Photography (Widwed280218)

Over to Stratford today where Gill had a physio appointment and then on to Ledbury so I could replace one of the cistern syphons for Rachel,  neither of which would have made much of a blip! 

I was hoping to see something interesting in the landscape as we drove along but with the weather worsening, decided to just get home and dream something up for Wide Wednesday around the theme of shapes. Short of ideas, so I have tried arranging a few obvious photography related items photographed in 16:9 format with a wide angle lens.

Our snowfall (South Warwickshire) is nowhere near the scale of some parts of the country, and although cold, life can continue relatively normally. Gardens are white and there are patches of ice on our drive, but the roads are ok so long as one keeps an eye out for the over confident drivers :-)

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