Crazy busy

Cicada brooch in lucite from the 1920s likely French, despite being a Psychology Dr and previously primary school teacher with a Law degree (that doesn’t work) I was (after Uni) once offered a job at Bonhams in London ,such is my love of antiques, sadly it was a case of tea girl working her way up on a relatively small salary.

Hope to wear this tomorrow

London long weekend ahead.

MrH braced severe weather but was home by 8:30pm having set off from work 3 hours earlier. He’s been negative all night but I blame that on my joss stick choice as he dislikes certain smells and despite the stick burning out an hour before he was back he could smell it very strongly.

Probably spent more time (12.48 mins) attending to John Major today than any time in my lifetime- I’m not going to talk about my politics on blip but I rather like how he sensibly sounded incredibly clear about his view of Brexit and cut through Laura Kuenesberg’s questions. Feel
Like we are lacking top end (informed and educated) politicians right now aside from the very alert Caroline Lucas and a couple of others from other ( not green) political

very busy .

I hope the trains run tomorrow. leave my town at 9 am and head up to a very well known tapas restaurant in Soho for lunch. It’s first come, first served and there are often queues outside the door at 11:30 am for the 16 seats they have when they open the doors at 12 noon, you can’t book!

Friday is Ovo at the Royal Albert Hall

Saturday is Theatre the Strand then IAMX at the Electric Ballroom in the eve at Camden

Sunday is the return home at noon, plenty time for things to go wrong!!!!

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