Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Another Bonus Day

Yesterday my flight to Newark - my return to work flight after my 4+ months medical leave - was cancelled and I got to stay home. This morning I got up at 630 because scheduling had one chance to reassign me. However, February is a quiet month in the friendly skies and they had nothing for me when I called. Bonus day and bonus month! I have a day of training next week and then slide into vacation - the first I’ll be back on a plane working is March 20th!

I was glad to be home today because there was another Olympic cross-country ski race this morning - the Ladies sprint relay. Wow! What an exciting race with the US team - Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins - taking the gold in the last few seconds ahead of Sweden and Norway. This was Kikkan’s 5th and final Olympics and the first medal for her which must have been particularly special for her.

In fact, is the very first Olympic medal for the US ladies cross-country team and they got not just any medal, but GOLD! And it was the first cross-country medal for the US since the the 1976 Olympics in Innsbruck when Bill Koch got the silver in the men’s 30k. I have to admit I was jumping up and down and crying!!

Later in the day after I’d calmed down from all the excitement, I decided to have a walk in the woods at Maidenhead Thicket. It has been awhile since I’ve been there and they’ve been doing some felling of invasive and non-native larch trees. I also had a picnic - it wasn’t sunny at all but it wasn’t too cold. I bought this wonderful food thermos recently, and I am really enjoying having a warming soup when I stop to take a break. Who said picnics are just for summer?

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