Snow Day!

Here I am again - but today has been a bad day! 

Hospital appointment 9am - took a taxi there due to snow;   

When I came out I took a taxi to the station and bought a ticket!  Climbed on the train - and waited for an hour and a half due to a broken down train  (having texted and called 2 of my Managers with no response back). :(

Then I called the Exec Director's PA who told me I had permission to go back home as was obviously going nowhere (and I was frozen due to no heating on tran) a refund and another taxi home!

Luckily I can log into work email at home (that's a new thing to me), but I don't have access to anything else...

It has snowed all day here.  I did go out and clear the driveway a bit to help my neighbour out.  She came home early from work but by the time she got here, it was covered again....  At least I had a bit of exercise, though I am still thawing out!

Had to show you Billy in the extras :)

I am now feeding him little and often as he's not clearing his plate as he used to.  Spoken to the vet and they have reduced surgery at the moment, so I'll just hang on until the weather is a little better...hopefully Saturday.

Stay safe folks!  Its not looking good for tomorrow...

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