Snow Patrol

Mr Billy nipped between my legs and out of the door in this afternoon's snow storm, so he had to be my blip :)

He soon turned tail and came back in again...

He's now demanding more food, but can't have any til 5pm!

Another snow day so blipping again!  

In the extra 2 doves on the feeders - unfortunately only one small blue tit and a pigeon seen otherwise all day (and I cleaned them and put fresh food out yesterday and today)..

No chance of going to work again today....I called GWR  train company and they were advising not to travel due to snow and I was worried about driving as the snow was coming again this afternoon...  It has now snowed for over 2 hours this afternoon and still is.  I am quite glad I made that decision with the agreement of all my Managers :)

So today I've made the most of the additional time and prepared some prayers for Sunday, and an order of service for next Sunday when I'm leading (Mothering Sunday) :)

Now to relax (or go out and clear neighbour has a friend round to help her do it now)!

Happy Friday folks :)

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