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Community Challenge for International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day and the theme this year is #PressForProgress.
Given that we’re an international community, we thought it might be interesting to issue a challenge in line with that event.
So, if you’re game, here’s what we are challenging you to do over the next 8 days: take pictures of women at work. 
Use the concept of work in its broadest definition: work at home, in the office, in public spaces, in art studios, on sports fields, with children or the elderly, wherever you might be able to catch women working.
The challenge will run between March 2 and March 9 (please no submissions outside those dates). Tag your entries as follows:
- CBWomensDay (for Cultural Blip Women’s Day) AND
- your country name.
- optionally, region, county or city name
If you need inspiration, here’s a piece Reuters photographers did for last year’s Women’s Day.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Michele (aka Alsacienne)

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