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Celebrating Women

Thank you all for participating in that community challenge to help celebrate International Women’s Day!  As always, to see the whole collection, simply type #CBWomensDay into the search bar.
It was great to see women depicted in a variety of roles: teaching refugee kids, engaging in major construction, mother-daughter entrepreneurs, multi-tasking (of course!), balancing accounts, serving food, spending the day in the office in good company, building and playing guitars, getting stores ready, handling precious manuscripts or teaching a love of books,  and, controlling traffic and reading meters.
There were stalls to manage, wires to disentangle, dogs to walk, customers to ring up, patients to tend to, coffee to serve, research to conduct, wildlife to care for, water to collect, trash to dispose of, and communities to plan for or to lead!
Women in arts were well represented: hat tricks, flamenco dancer, building and playing guitars, curating exhibits, producing art, interpreting life, and emerging as a future artist.  
There were lots of positive messages, inspiring speakers, women making their voices heard, “Jills-of-all-trade”, and great journeys about to start.
 Here are some of my favorites:

Yeah for the quirkiness of women in the snow in Finland or in a coffee shop in the UK!
Kudos to women athletes: professionals, amateurs, or instructors.
Hats off to an Alpine mountain guide.
Bask in that color-infused shot of a woman at work on her cell.
And let’s leave on this wonderful note: it’s never too late to start a new career!
Compiled by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Photo by Michele: Atlas Performing Arts Festival

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