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Women at Work

Here’s my contribution to the current BlipCommunity Challenge to post pictures of women at work.

And who better to celebrate than the mighty Sarah Lovelock? She’s the proprietor of the best café/coffee shop in Liverpool... Lovelock’s. A place that receives many a mention in this journal, and deservedly so!

I’ve never had a ‘local’, in the pub sense, but since Lovelock’s opened a couple of years ago it’s become my Rover’s Return. In fact, as a devoted fan of The Archers, I’d go so far as to say it’s the best thing to happen since The Bull first opened its doors to the good folk of Ambridge!

Sarah has been a huge supporter of what we do at work - fundraising for us, providing free meals for our volunteers, providing the services of her team-mates at Wirral Roller Derby (her other great passion!) to entertain the public on World Mental Health Day and generally cheering us on and cheering us up!

On a personal note, she’s also been supportive of my photography, allowing me to display my portraits on her walls, for which I’m suitably grateful!

Lovelock’s is a genuine community hub. The staff are lovely, friendly and welcoming to regulars and newbies alike, the food and drink are deliciously tasty, excellent value, and the menu caters really well for vegetarians, vegans or anyone with a gluten-free diet. They run board games evenings, put on gigs and film nights, and the clientele are also a great bunch. Sarah is the very model of what an independent, community-spirited, business-person can achieve.

She also plays wonderfully eclectic musical selections and gets involved in community politics and campaigns...

You can definitely call me a fan!

Here she is, ready to take my order for crushed avocado on sourdough toast, generously drizzled with balsamic dressing; and a turmeric latte (teabags hand-mixed to her own recipe) with almond milk.

Also pictured is Sarah’s lovely colleague, Angie, hard at work supplying hot beverages to the lunchtime crowd (you can see her rather better in the Extra photo).

Three cheers for these Women at Work! They certainly provide a regular high point in my own working day.

Today’s tune has been on heavy rotation chez Booknerd of late. It’s HC McEntire with ‘Quartz in the Valley’

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