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I attended our monthly Board meeting tonight and afterwards I had a quick photo session with Saad, who has been one of our Trustees for quite a while now. We wanted a new picture of him for our website and he was happy to strike a pose!

Saad originally hails from Iraq but has been a long-term Liverpool resident and must be one of the best connected people in town! It’s almost impossible to attend a meeting or event at which he’s not also in attendance, and when I’m not bumping into him at official functions then I’m bumping into him walking down the street. Any street, anywhere across the city, any time of day. I swear he’s somehow cloned himself...

He’s an Engineer by profession and worked for many years on the planning, teaching, research and development of various projects in Engineering, Science and Technology at the University of Liverpool and Nottingham Trent University. He was responsible for project management in clinical and medical Bio-Engineering, and has wide-ranging expertise in mechanical engineering in both academic and industrial environments.

But he’s also a seasoned community activist and is currently acting Chair of Lodge Lane Regeneration Group in addition to being a public governor of Liverpool Women’s Hospital, and a member of both Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. I don’t know how he has the time to fit it all in!

I wanted a suitably science-y song for today’s tune and what better than ‘Make A Circuit With Me’ by The Polecats?

All together now...

“I’ll be a diode, cathode, electrode, overload,
Generator, oscillator...
Make a circuit with me!”

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