Wonderful Women ... and Two Men

It's International Women's Day, so here is one of my favourite women, sitting in the caravan here on our Land, working either on the sermon she will preach in her church in Manchester, or on the dissertation for her midwifery course, not sure which...

(My other favourite woman, sadly not here, but she, as well as caring for a 3yr old and a 1yr old, does a sterling job in our church in the UK, and is doing an MA in theology; have no idea how she has the energy.)

Also, here is another Blipper's daughter, whose photography I love.

Two extras. Their brother, working hard at digging up the ground above our building. It's been raining a lot (thank God), and the moisture is seeping into our floor, so the idea is to dig a channel for the water to flow away from the building. There were a lot of stones, which he put into the muddy ruts on our drive. 

And another of their Dad, holding Lula, looking out from Noudar castle, where we went this afternoon. Such a beautiful place.

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