Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Women At Work

Taken this morning at The Wildlife Center of Virginia and sneaking in just under the wire for the Blip Community's Women's Day celebration. Taken in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA.

In the photo Dr. Peach (Peach is her first name!) and Vet Tech Jenna are working on repairing an injury Education Ambassador Edie the American Kestrel had somehow inflicted on herself. In green looking on is my partner in volunteering, Pam. We are the Friday morning volunteers, Pam and I. The person only partially in the frame is Rachael. She's a vet student I just met this morning - at the center for a wildlife medicine rotation of a few weeks. I don't know - yet - what vet school she attends. Students rotate in and out at a rapid rate and it has proven to be brilliant training for remembering people's names. I used to be absolute rubbish at it, but I'm improving!

One thing I've seen in my six years as a volunteer at The Wildlife Center is that far more women than men seem to come in as students. And of the vets currently on staff, three of the four are women. 

Three cheers for the women who care about wildlife and the environment!!

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