With her work

This is my blip for International Women’s Day. It is also an entry in the Blip Community Challenge – Women at Work. It is also a picture of a wonderful artist, a Blipper and a friend. Here she is with her work – not quite at work, although I suppose showing her work and explaining it is part of what she does.

This is, as a lot of people will know, Jac (Blipper 8). She is a lady I admire very much. I love her work and have a painting of hers on my wall. I am fascinated by her creativity and her delight in her surroundings, whether that be the sea in all its moods, or local history, geography, geology.

Currently she has some of her work in an exhibition in Seaham (well worth seeing if you are anywhere near) and, as we were heading into Newcastle for the afternoon, we called in this morning. The work is based around the style, content and context of the Lindisfarne Gospels and there are some quite stunning pieces there. Many of us have watched some of Jac’s pieces in their creation, through blips she has shared with us. To actually see and touch this magical work is wonderful. A selection of the work is eventually going to be shown at the heritage Visitors’ Centre in Durham, which is an honour for the group.


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