Snowy Barbican

I felt like an intrepid explorer making my way into the office today.  Well, kind of.  I tried to get a train from Blackheath first, but they were only running one every half hour and the one I was trying to get on (which was delayed) turned up completely full, so I walked down to Lewisham instead, and finally got on the DLR 50 minutes after leaving my house.  It was so bitterly cold - I felt a little like I'd been trekking across the frozen wastes of Siberia when I got in the door at work.  Well, you know, kind of.

I was determined to make it in because I was due to take some photos of one of our training courses - thankfully I made it in just in time, and think I got a few usable shots.  Had a busy day after that - so glad I did make it in, as it was much easier to do stuff in the office.

Spoke to my Mum this morning - the poor thing now has a water infection, so is back in bed again :(  Tim texted me at lunchtime to say that some flowers had been delivered for me - turned out they were from my Mum as a thank you for looking after her the other week.  Bless her.

Caught the DLR back to Lewisham again this evening, then a bus up the hill to Blackheath.  Got in at 7:15pm, wolfed down some dinner and went back out at 8pm to a neigbourhood watch meeting.  Pretty pointless, to be honest, but I was glad I made the effort as there were only 6 of us there.  At least I helped make up the numbers.

Tim welcomed me back home with a large Bailey's :)

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