Journey’s End

I finally got away from Edinburgh when the Amber alert was downgraded to Yellow.

Then snow is very thick in the east and across the Central Belt but north of that it is patchy and in some places hardly in evidence at all.

At the top of Glendaruel there is very little but much more where I live. So much so that the track wasn’t passable for the car so Cathleen came down with the sledge and I hauled my suitcase and briefcase for the last bit of the journey .

It was not the first time I had done that but it has been about 8 years since it was last necessary.

On one occasion I recall that the Scottish Government’s old style ‘box’ (a blue covered version of the very heavy wood and lead lined despatch case you see the UK Chancellor waving on Budget day and now a thing of the past as I do most of my deluge of papers electronically) shot off the sledge and bounced down the hill, putting a dent into it that stood as a reproof to me every time I used it thereafter.

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