Snowbound- going nowhere

My heart goes out to those commuters and folk forced to travel in these appalling weather conditions.
We are snowbound, not that it worries us unduly.
For we are  “of a certain age” and we can sit back in the luxury of our warm houses hitting the phones as we compare notes with friends.
All agree we have never known anything like this except one friend who had the experience some twenty years ago in Glencoe of  -20C .
But then that is the Scottish Highlands. What else do you expect?
Some neighbours have attacked Pendreich road with shovels and pick axes hoping to clear the way for their 4 x 4s.
Hopes of a gritter appearing are fading fast.
M walked down into town and found that the last cartoon of milk had just been taken. Some people ahead of him were carrying four litres of milk.
Frosty looks were exchanged but as this is Bridge of Allan nothing impolite was said.
 (Mmm…. if I had been there something would have been said.)

Re yesterdays blip about the “Beast from the East,” a Polish friend commented on Facebook that what we have is a baby of “Beast from the East”.
They have the grown up version: temperatures -15C by day.



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