Red Alert- Siege mentality

No bread. No milk. No newspapers.  No trains. No cars.
Even our local Co-op closed because it had run out of food. Other shops did not bother to open.
M walked down into town and reported a siege mentality.
A few folk were seen around and they were laden done with bags, having got stuff from the local Post Office which doubles as a Spar. As for Express Tesco, the  “new kid on the block”, which until today everyone had sniffily dismissed  as “inappropriate” for Bridge of Allan, it was heaving with people in search of food.
We have had a non-stop blizzard most of the day and I ventured out late this afternoon in search of photos  (see extra) but taking any photos in these conditions risked getting snow into the camera.
M took this Bipfoto from the bridge over the Allan Water during a lull in the endless storms. Normally I would not allow this but today I was grateful for his help.
As for Taz, our cat, he has hardly ventured out and our visiting cat has not ben seen for several days.  Just hope it does have a home because it would not survive out in these conditions.
Link: snowstorm filmed from house.

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