St.David's Day

“Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus”- Happy St David's Day

Two things happened today to remind me I am Welsh.
First it’s St David’s Day, patron saint of Wales.
Secondly I got an email from my publisher saying royalties, albeit small, have now been paid into my bank from my third book  Searching for Sully
- Our Stories  relating to the time I spent in hospital as a teenager with TB.
On a more cheerful note I invigilated again at the Tollbooth gallery for our exhibition , organized by G.O.S.S.I.P , the  Stirling  based artist collective and met some old friends Jacqueline Marr and Lauren Bremner who popped in this afternoon to see the work.
Sometimes I think the real purpose of art is to bring people together, for the sharing of an experience , and has little to do with money and selling work.
The art itself acts as a catalyst to open up a discussion, particularly on contemporary sculpture and installations, which many folk find baffling. 
Sully –Our Stories
I am not certain why this book is showing as unavailable  on Amazon unless its something to do with it being a “Print on demand”.  Will take it up with them tomorrow.
If you want a free copy email  – [email=""][/email] with your address. 

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