8 years........2920 Blips!

I was up early to capture the sunrise but when I peeked out between the curtains, it was pea soup! Thick fog blanketed the landscape, so no sunrise for this celebration, just a quiet amble along the beach mid-morning.  

The sea looked inviting, calm and blue, it was warm as the sun touched my back, a gentle breeze swayed grasses while white butterflies fluttered around the dunes. Behind me children were laughing as they jumped in the waves, people strolling by greeted one another and dogs barked with excitement, it seemed everyone was happy to be at the beach this morning :) 

As I ambled I thought about blip and what it means to me......it is appreciating the beauty each day brings as nature weaves it's magic, discovering and learning along the way, enjoying and sharing with you.....and especially having fun at blipmeets, it is always a delight meeting other blippers.....it is a very special community.

Thank you to all who stop by, your views, comments, stars and hearts are always truly appreciated.

Saturday......just like a summer's day, 25C

See you tomorrow as we swing into a new season, enjoy the weekend :)

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