A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins


evening all,

Frayed and fractious has been my state of mind of late so I have resolved to do some late night rambling to gather a bit of perspective.

It is also providing me with the perfect opportunity at the moment to spin some wool in a more forgiving, less flammable environment than the one I usually find myself in.

I couldn't get a sense of perspective with this though and I was hoping for a bit more foreground/background interest, although if I hadn't noticed that I had dropped the battery onto the steel wool while I was packing to go out, the scene would be very different.

Myself, pleading for my life in front of  two cold irate women, whilst in the background a burning house that cracked and fizzed as the conflagration took hold, with the fire service throwing snowballs  to try and calm the inferno.

would've been a good shot though.

night all


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