A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins


evening all,

Well, this has been a good Sunday. 

Got in late last night after having a second go at spinning wool, I may go out again tonight to get the last dregs of the snow.

Did many things today, few of them overly heroic, but gently happy things with the faint touch of ordinary loveliness about them.

However we did build the world's first consulting detective entirely out of snow, although he looks a bit challenging to the eye, 
If he remains around in the morning I'll have a quick photo of him.

For the remaining few hours of the weekend I am going to study the remainder of a bottle of wine, with some warm cheese and biscuits , whilst warming my wet feet by the embers of a cheering fire.

those footprints don't make themselves you know,

Night all

Pop Evil

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