Snow Day 3

It's beginning to melt but I still can't take the car out on my most local roads safely.... hopefully tomorrow!

Anyway, I donned the wellies and warm gear to go and check out the surroundings and perhaps photograph the redwing and fieldfare that I have already been photographing quite successfully through the lounge window but expecting to get better shots without any glass between us. They decided not to show up but the ponies were nice and close to the edges of the fields where there were bales of hay for them to feed on. I only got one shot of this white one before he turned his back on me and walked away - obviously a bit camera shy!

I'm rather pleased with this shot, so I'm making the decision to blip early as I'm unlikely to better it today - although the one I've added as an extra is a serious contender......

I'm disappointed in how flat and lacking in detail this looks here - it really is so much better enjoyed large!

Many thanks for your generosity on my snowy blips - especially the one of the three ponies in the snow!

Stay safe and warm - I think life will soon be returning to normality..... in this part of the UK at least!

Ann :))

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