By TonyG

Normal Service

Soon to be resumed.

The snow melts ..... slowly today as temperature creeps upward.  Tomorrow will be milder and by Monday most will be washed away in warm rain.  Now I wait to see what has survived in greenhouse and garden - and what has not.  Good snow cover is great insulation against extreme low temperatures and wind chill but the very low temperature will have claimed a few victims I suspect.

A good day for working on 'bitty' jobs ... and Jacinta has purged the computer desk which long ago disappeared under a sea of paper.  Clear, clean (and that includes the wall behind and carpet below) and looking like new, it's ready to resume life as a desk again!  Useful for Jacinta who will be working from home in her new job starting in a weeks time.

Crocus violaceus (aka Crocus  pestalozzae) has survived the cold, happy under cover in the cold frame.

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