By iaint

Saturday Night

Day 4 of the snow nightmare.

Mid morning I set off for Lidl by car. This wee adventure started by clearing the driveway again (we had about 2 inches/5 cm of new snow overnight). I got the car out into the street easily, but then got stuck going uphill to the main road. The neighbours driving on it yesterday had compressed some snow and then the new snow on top... So, more digging and scraping.

Lidl was fully stocked and fully operational including a car park which was 90% snow free. I was relieved. The BBC website had a story about the good citizens panic buying, and supermarket shelves being cleared of essentials (milk, industrial white bread, frozen pizzas, crips and biscuits) almost as soon as they’d opened. Christmas in March.

In the evening I was whisked off to a fundraising quiz night. A last minute replacement. Lots of call offs due to the weather. Other people with “bad backs” after snow clearance duty. They lost 4 teams out of 10.

Anyway, it was very sociable and fun. We came second. The buffet was set up for 40 people. There were 24 of us. It made me think of this.

Local Hero

Then I realised it kind of summed up the whole event if you can imagine a ceilidh converted into a quiz night.

I drank too much of the Goth’s diet pink cherry soda, and suspect I won’t sleep until Tuesday.

The Blip is spring popping up. I hope.

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