Winter in Colour

Today, the weather brought two of my favourite phenomena, mist and snow.

There was a slow thaw, but in the Outwoods, the melted snow was still firm(ish) underfoot and hadn't re-frozen after thawing. Much easier for me to walk on it. Still enough snow for atmosphere. And the mist! Mist to die for.

Basil and I ventured forth. Basil wore his woolly jumper and was overjoyed to be running free and meeting lots of doggy 'friends.' In fact, I don't think I'd seen the wood so busy with dog walkers and joggers. Wonderful to get out in the fresh air.

I took my Canon this time with handy zoom lens to try out some multi-exposure. Today's photo is a double exposure. The base image is an intentional camera movement of trees in the snow, while overlaid is an image of beech leaves clinging to the branches of a young tree. I played with the white balance a bit to make the wood look distinctly blue. The orange of the beech leaves makes a nice complementary contrast.

The extra is of Basil on the path to Loughborough at the other end of the wood ready to greet a fellow canine and his human. As you can see, it was a complete white-out towards Loughborough.

Tomorrow, the path will be muddy and slushy and dangerous, so I might have to avoid it for a few days. The snow has now mostly gone.

Home to a hot shower for both Basil and me.

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