Tramping the wetlands

Sue's sister, who has been keeping the RavensRoost Blip journal, is moving to Portland! We spent the day today tramping around the wetlands that surround their new home. They haven't yet moved in, but they heard a bullfrog chorus one night when they stayed late painting the bedroom. I imagine that when the weather warms up a bit, they'll be surrounded by a full symphony of water birds, songbirds, rustling rushes, and wind in the cedars. We spotted an elegant fungus in the woods near their house, and I'm adding it to Extras because the moment we saw it, Sue said, "I wish Ceridwen could see this one." 

P.S. They are standing on a hillside. I'm sure Sue would want me to clarify that point, as she is actually a few millimeters about an inch taller than Peg.

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