Poor Tattered Slapton Line

The wind's dropped. The snow's gone. Now to survey the damage: this is not the first time the sea has eaten great chunks from Slapton Line - the A379 road - that runs ran alongside Slapton Sands. It won't be the last. And every time it happens, the council is more reluctant to spend money on its repair and preservation, even though, as well as linking Strete and Torcross villages, it narrowly separates the salty sea from Slapton Ley's freshwater lake.

It's a difficult problem as everyone knows, ultimately, you can't win a battle against the sea, especially when gales are beating the waves inland at around 70 mph, gusting to over 80mph. Even without the road's destruction, salt water seeps underground to pollute the freshwater. It's a sad situation.

Took this picture from on high, on full zoom. You can see one pedestrian spectator has stepped into a deep hole in the road (despite police warnings to stay away). It seems to come up almost to his waist.

We can use the top (inland) road to Kingsbridge, so that's not a problem, but it will now be a very long round trip, all round the houses, to villages beyond Torcross, including our doctors' surgery. Better keep well, then! (The normal 15-minute drive will now take nearer an hour - each way.)

(I did try converting this to black and white for Mono Monday's 'ugly' theme, but it loses a lot of definition, with being taken from so far off.)

You can read more about the damage here.

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