Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

And relax

Didn't manage to get up early to go for a run but tried out the dreadmill instead. Far to hot in the gym as there is no zircon in there after 25min so gave up. J managed to do 50 min swimming again. Spent the afternoon by the pool. Had a phone call from the tracker people asking about renewing the membership. Explained I had already discussed this and I should have had a call back from the technical people. Bit later on they did call back and explained everything a bit better. They also gave me a years free membership due to all the hassle. Great customer service. Spent a bit of time on the back deck looking out over the sea in the early evening with J reading her book and I managed a couple of photos of the surfers, see extra. They were a bit too far away for my lens. Out to try and find the crazy golf tonight.

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