Budapest ... Take 2

Some of you may remember that Mrs CBL and I had hoped to travel to Budapest in December but were prevented from doing so due to the snowy weather conditions.

Having been fully refunded we decided a few weeks ago we would try again at the beginning of March. Towards the end of last week we thought that we were going to be thwarted again by the weather. Fortunately the thaw yesterday meant that flights were almost back to normal and so much to our relief we were able to travel today.

There is some snow lying in Budapest but thankfully not in the parts of the city we are most likely to visit.

I captured this image close to the restaurant where we had our dinner tonight. There is a Jewish Quarter in the city which we will visit later in the week.

There are many formal and informal memorials to the Jewish community around the city which suffered greatly not only during both world wars but also at the hands of the various Communist regimes. This image is of one of the 'informal' memorials.

The extra image is of a bookseller‘s cart near our hotel, he was doing good business tonight.

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