A tent.....

....made for fairies....

Autumn rain has arrived, heavy at first and now just steady, it's been a bit breezy to.

I had to hang out the window to get this one and was so thankful we are on a back section as this certain window is at the front of the house and I would've been very conspicuous had the house been by the road.

The window was opened wide, one that pushes out which means to a certain degree I was protected from the raindrops but oh the sight from inside must've been hilarious! I was pushed between our TV and stereo, most of me was outside under the opened window, trying not to wobble with the macro lens on board, just get it right and then there would be a stir in the air, the plant would wobble, I would wobble, the camera lost focus and well.....I had to start again! :))

But it was fun, patience paid off just hope the fairies can dry their tent out.

Tuesday..... a challenging day photography wise, a day for hopefully some name solving on some old family photo's, a day for messaging family to crack the mystery, a day to appreciate modern technology.

Thanks to dbifulco for hosting this months Tiny Tuesday, no theme today which suited me.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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