By flying

All is calm.....

......along the river....

A very moody overcast sky hung over us today, not a hint of sun while the air just a tad cooler. I quite liked this shot in mono bringing out the moody sky contrasting to calm reflections along the river, it suited Wide Angle Wednesday, kindly hosted by BobsBlips, although I didn't do the theme today.

Wednesday......a visit to R, we helped him with his morning tea. There were a few mumbles but nothing recognizable, he was in his own little world until we said we had to go, he lifted his head, his eyes sparkling and said as clear as a bell 'OK dear', he had the biggest of smiles and just for that split moment we were all in the same moment and then he was gone............

Nice to have some time with mum today, some shopping for R at the mall, lunch out and our usual grocery shop. Also lovely to receive a call from A, exciting plans for her are falling into place.

Happy Wednesday everyone :) 

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