Not often a blip presents itself early in the day, let alone when it's pouring with rain.....even better that I'm tucked up inside with the long lens onboard and shooting with the window opened and a cuppa by my side.

The tree was huge, a redwood I think, and the conditions horrendous but he slowly made his way to the top, branch by branch. It was across the road and on a neighbours front lawn blocking the sunrise, trust me to think of that.....now it's down the outlook is much brighter.

I'm surprised they worked today, I bet his nose was wet and cold. Two shots both taken close together, the extra was the first - the shake before it fell. I was amazed and delighted I captured the rain and water falling,, no blue sky today.

Daughter A flew out round noon, it's been lovely having her home. Lots of chat and a few wanders, she caught up with a couple of friends and baked cookies for her grandmother but as always the time flew by far to quickly.

Meatballs and spaghetti for tea tonight, I'd better get cracking.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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