Today ...

...was my "free day".  I did a bit of tidying up, then headed off to town for a browse in the charity shops. I was hoping to find shirts to wear for work. I got one, which can replace my ripped official shirt. I need to find another to replace the one ruined by bleach. Now it's Ahmed's shop again there's no more official uniform! The "new" one is the same basic design as the official one, without the shop's name on!

I also got Mothers' Day cards for mine and Brian's Mum. I saw Mothers' Day cards "from the cat". I wonder if Minstrel will get me one...

This was taken by the Brayford. Good to see the man-made swan-islands getting some use at last - two pairs seem to be nesting on them.

I have just baked some brownies, mainly as supper-snacks for Jae. I will have to sample them too, to make sure they are OK for him!

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