Today has mostly been spent trying to sort out my elusive prescription. Boots still hadn't received it this morning, so I walked down to the doc's, as I also needed to order a repeat of my other medication. The receptionist (Who used to be receptionist at my old practice, and recognised me!) said I needed to have a medication review before they would give me another repeat. I wish they'd pointed that out before I ran out of meds! Apparently it's on the repeat strip - who knew?

Anyway, she managed to get me in to see the nurse practitioner, but I had to wait 45 minutes - no point going home! If I'd known I'd have taken my book!

Anyway, she eventually saw me and renewed my prescription, and I headed into town to collect it! Hopefully getting the next one in a couple of days will be more straightforward!

In the absence of any other chance to take photos today, here is Minstrel! Time to get ready for work now!! 

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