By spannarama


Bit of a stressful start to the day with a text from my sister saying she was having to call the nurse out for Mum again.  Spoke to my brother on my way into work, and messaged with my sister later.  Thankfully the nurse sorted everything out - but I feel bad for my sister, as it's all a bit stressful and she's having to deal with everything.  Spoke to my boss at lunch and asked for a couple of days off next week so I can go down and help out a bit.

The rest of the day was ok - pretty busy, but I got quite a lot done - in between hourly visits from interview candidates for our new finance director (being shown round by another of our directors).  

I liked all the twinkly lighting at this end of Ironmonger Lane this evening - so turned round and took a couple of shots before I walked any further down the road.  Quite glad I did.  It's a very photogenic street.

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