You can not imagine the sound of our cabinet full of glasses and some china collapsing, it was a really horrible sound and a terrible mess to clear. Somehow the upper shelf gave way when DJ was returning two shot glasses from the dishwasher to the cabinet and in its fall it took three other shelves with it. I had just gone to bed and from the sound thought he might have collapsed with the cabinet, what a shock ! It's all material stuff, and it is even surprising to see how much did still survive, although with glass that fell you'll have to be aware that even when it doesn't look damaged it may now be weaker. We do hope this does mean a real heap of luck, of course ! It certainly was a wild beginning to this Wednesday (happened past midnight, we had been messaging/talking to the eldest son in Singapore as it's his birthday today, it feels really weird that this time he is the one on the other side of the world for work and there is no family to celebrate it with him !)

Thanks so much for the kind words, stars and even a fave for yesterday's  garden plant !

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