Warm me up - AT141

Serendipity knocks again, when I set today's theme of 'warming' for Abstract Thursday I didn't know that the reconstruction works of the gas and other ducts in the street would mean today the gas is switched off and thus the heating is off ! Here's my cup of coffee with cream and cinnamon spice to warm me up, with a bit of texture to abstract it a bit more. Fortunately the outside temperature is not that bad, somewhere around 6 C/ 42 F ! I just hope the gas can go back on by the end of the afternoon.

If you're joining in with Abstract Thursday's challenge today, don't forget to tag your entry AT141 and do tell me if, even when tagged correctly, your entry does not show up in the whole collection here, not even after half an hour or so.

Thanks so much for your kind comments and sympathy for yesterday's household disaster. All in all we're now mostly out of formal water glasses/whisky tumblers and a couple of treasured plates and bowls were shattered too, but it really doesn't matter that much. DJ wasn't hurt, neither of us got a scratch from clearing the shards, all's well ! And it has given me a warning to look at how I've organised the various crockery cabinets, to stop something like this happening ever again !

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