Meeting the locals

So, the boys were supposed to head to Geelong today, but I got caught up at an animal rescue place. I went there to take some photos of the cats for their website, but while I was there, the volunteers both left suddenly and the lady was there by herself. I offered my services and ended up taking two lovely pooches for walks, patting and cuddling cats and a few other dogs and generally chatting about the process they go through at Pet Haven.

I've offered to pop in once a week or so to help out, dog walking, cage cleaning and general cuddling.

So, the upshot is that I didn't get home in time to go to the post office. So the boys stay for a little longer. ElizabethB has suggested that since we have a long weekend coming up, I hang onto the boys for a few more days and send them on on Tuesday. So, Cousteau's bluppet's nose has been reattached by the lovely Mr B and we took the boys up the road to see some kangaroos. They seemed interested in the Four Amigos, but not too fussed about having us nearby.

We went to Little Miss' school this evening for a 'family night'. It was good to meet some of her teachers and to see where she hangs out.

I came home first for the first time since Cousteau passed away. I didn't want to get out of my car and come inside. I cried a lot. Then I pulled myself together and came in. I survived. The tears dried. 

We're all pretty pooped now. 


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