Dead Daffodils

As blippers, we often find ourselves doing what to others are odd things. So when my daffodils died, instead of throwing them out I decided to keep them for a few more days and use them for a blip. Then I added an abstract treatment as it's Thursday (best seen in large). With the theme of warming, these could well be what our daffodils would look like if global warming continues.Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the AT challenge and 60plus for hosting the Derelict Collection. 

Day 13 of my awful cough / cold - still feeling quite unwell and not going out, so I missed my photography course this morning. 

Today is International Women's Day and I was watching a programme where the women discussed who their sheroes were. Mine are:
- Marie Curie
- The Pankhursts
- Maggie Thatcher
- Mary Anne Evans (George Eliot)
- My mum!

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