By Photogen

International Women's Day

International Women's Day (8th March) grew out of the labour movement to become a UN-recognised event. The Socialist Party of America declared the first National Woman's Day and in 1910 it became  International. The battle continues.
Agnes Maclean recorded her memories of the ‘equal pay' strike at Rolls Royce, Hillington, Glasgow,1943:
"We were knocking our pan out and getting less wages than the guy next to us. There were skilled men, unskilled men and ‘others’ - the women. We went out on strike in 1943. When we were marching through the streets people were shouting at us. But they were not standing at a machine 12 hours a day, or on night shift, all those years, six days a week. We weren’t standing for it. We were entitled to our money.”  
A photographic panel by the Scottish Oral History Centre, University of Strathclyde.

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