Plus ça change...

By SooB

The long and winding road

Nine years of blips! And it has only taken nine years, 11 months and three weeks to get here.

My life has felt a long and very winding road since I started blip, but having all those memories lined up behind me helps bring some order to the chaos.

Today was a running to stand still kind of day. Lots of work, some work development and even some gardening. During the latter, our neighbours (the demolishers) needed some advice on cables and pipes that go into or come from our house (they made me go up ladders and into the cellar - two of my least favourite things). And they are going to chop down all the trees in their garden. Including the gorgeous big laurel tree and the ones the birds sit in and feed from.

Then I had to rush off to the doctor for my jab. She was in a really serious car crash last summer and is still in a bad way. Interestingly, her hand shook badly while writing, but was steady as a rock while doing the jab (hurrah).

Tonight, the school AGM at which I did not have to give a speech (hurrah).

The picture is the end of the Roman road where we often walk. I'm pretty happy with my long and winding road, turns out.

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