Miss Katniss

Following on from Monday's email from Miss L's school it didn't come as much of a surprise to get an email from them last night to say they were not going to be open today.
There was a light dusting of snow this morning. Certainly nothing that warranted shutting the school. 
On World Book Day.
Miss L was so upset!!
Miss E, on the other hand, was giddy with her Katniss Everdeen outfit - particularly the bow! - and was surprisingly happy to head off to school (which is about a mile from Miss L's school and open. Just saying!!) while her sister stayed at home.
Mr K said he could work at home today so I was able to get to my classes.
The journey there was a bit difficult. There was an accident between Winslow and Whitchurch  - I could see lots of flashing blue lights in the distance and everyone was being turned around. Annoying!!
So I had to take the back roads which was a bit hairy but slow and steady wins the race and I got there in one piece eventually.
The snow got heavier as I got to Aylesbury and the wind was howling. I wondered would anyone actually turn up!
There were only three in the first lesson but the second one only had a couple missing and that's fairly normal. I think people fall into two camps - first: I'm not going out in this!!! and second: I'm not staying in the house all day with a baby!!!
I was always in the latter camp. It would have to have been verging on the apocalypse to stop me going out when the Little Misses were tiny!
The journey home was more straightforward as the main road was open again. 
I spent a while wrapping eBay parcels and then drove down to the Post Office before heading to pick up Miss E. The roads were definitely getting worse so when Miss E's 11+ tutor messaged to ask did we want to give it a miss this week I jumped at the chance. She lives in the back end of nowhere and I didn't fancy it in the dark!
We've had emails from both schools tonight saying they're closed tomorrow. A jim-jam day in store I think!

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